Services for Professionals


Support for Real Estate Professionals

Whether you’re the buying agent or the selling agent, nothing adds value and marketability like the look and smell of a freshly organized and cleaned home. Even if furniture and other things have been left in a house, our professional team will clean it out and clean it up like nobody else can.

Our service to our shared client is a great incentive to buyers or sellers who are hesitant to sell because of the prospect of having to sort through and organize their possessions. Put your ”for sale” sign on the tidiest house in the neighbourhood.



Support for Retirement Residences

ONESource enables residents to go from the “thinking stage” to action by helping them overcome hurdles that could delay their decision to move to your residence (such as not knowing where to begin, sale of the house, distribution of possessions, etc.)

In addition, ONESource

  • Frees up your resources so you don’t need to focus on time consuming and potentially costly move management issues.
  • Facilitates efficient decision-making. Our services save time and money as we help eliminate the guesswork.  This way resident logistical issues are addressed once, rather than multiple times with your staff.
  • Contributes special insight into the resident’s lifestyle and can advise you of any resident concerns up front, while also offering an objective “third party point of view,” when needed.
  • Offers seamless communication and support to you, the resident  and their family, throughout the move process.
  • Continually reinforces to the resident that their decision to move to your residence is a good one—giving them affirmation and positive anticipation for the move.

If you work with ONESource your residents will transition more successfully and adjust to their new home quickly, because they are less stressed and not distracted by moving details and disruption.