Snowbird Services

For many older Canadians, the fall is a time to organize and get ready to go south for the winter. With every passing year, Snowbirds may find it more difficult to plan and make the trip on their own. ONESource is uniquely positioned to help.

We can help you prepare for your trip south, keep your house safe while you’re away and prepare your home for your return in the Spring.

Prepare for the Trip South

Let the ONESource team help you pack and organize your possessions for the trip south. We can inform utilities and services of your absence and help with travel arrangements.

Check on Your Home

While you’re away, we’ll pay regular visits to your home, check for safety and security, pick up your mail, ensure your sidewalks and driveway are shovelled in the snow and the grass cut in the Spring.

Prepare for Your Return

When you’re ready to return home in the Spring, we’ll prepare for your homecoming. We’ll notify your utilities and services, fill your fridge with fresh food and give your house a thorough cleaning. You’ll be able to walk in and just enjoy being home again.

Close / Sale of Vacation Home

When you’ve made the decision to close and empty your vacation home in the south, we can help.  We can organize and help you decide what you want to sell, donate, or throw away and move the rest with the kind of care a lifetime of possession deserves.


Don’t let the passing years interfere with your Snowbird lifestyle. With a little help from the ONESource team, you’ll be heading south for many years to come.